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HyeTech is a services organization first and foremost. Our team consists of expertise in a broad array of technologies, helping us deliver complex projects for our clients.

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Architectures for Today's Challenges

A major goal of security today is to combat and mitigate breaches. An organization's data and reputation are the most valuable assets to protect. Security today must offer a comprehensive solution for access across various applications and environments, from any user, device, and location.

Security must evolve from defenses that are based on static network perimeters. The focus must move to entities such as users, assets, and resources and be dynamic and continuous in nature. Additionally, we can no longer assume that internal entities carry any inherent trust. A entity's ownership or location are not a factor in its level of trust. These principles are what a zero trust architecture focuses on.

Trust is never assumed, it is granted dynamically & continuously verified.

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